Narrative History

► Pre-DAA

In 2002, when the DAA was just a pie-in-the-sky fantasy, 4 intrepid golfers ventured off to Pinehurst, NC to test the waters. Little is recorded of this trip and some of the memories are very fuzzy. We stayed in spartan quarters, and one of the courses we played had weeds covering the traps and tee boxes, but it was a fun time though there are no photographs to document it, and out of that experience, the annual DAA golf championship began to take shape…..

► 2003: The First DAA Event (#1)

In 2003 we ventured to Mrytle Beach and stayed at the Hampton Inn. There probably were 8 of us, but no one remembers much from this trip either. No photographs or score sheets remain. If anyone has any documentation or oral history to record, please add it below. This was pre-Pink Jacket time as well. This was where Jonny T gleaned his medical education though. It Narrative Summary was the first time he stayed in a Hampton Inn with a doctor!

► 2004: The Local Circuit (#2)

Lake Chesdin
Golden Horseshoe (Green Course)


For some strange reason, in 2004 we thought staying in town would be a good idea one year. This turned out to be more of a stress on our wives than having us gone. They were just reminded every day that we were goofing off and having a good time and they were tending to the house and the children, etc. Better to be out of town, and perhaps on some days they might even imagine we were just at work. Still, the golfing was great, with some guest appearances by David T and Chris D….. The sands of time seem to have swallowed the records of who won and who lost, although some of the Pink Jacket winners appear in the photos below.

► 2005: (#3)


► 2006: (#4)


► 2007: (#5)


► 2008: (#6)


► 2009:

The nice weekend made me think of "PINK" (#7)

So you haven’t heard from us in awhile, the Dawnridge crew has been busy with ski trips, college trips, business trips, family trips and bathroom trips. But all that’s over, we’re all now fully focused on the golf trip and nothing else. As a starter, here’s a review from the last email: After careful thought and consideration, the Dawnridge Athletic Association is pleased to announce that our annual golf trip will be to Bay Creek Resort on Virginia’s Eastern Shore in Cape Charles, VA. Yes really. They have 2 exceptional golf courses and it just looks incredibly awesome! Please check out their website, Cost per player is $530.00 per man for all golf and lodging, breakfast is NOT included which is probably fine. The extra 9 holes on Friday and Saturday is $20 per man and not included in the $530.00. Betting is extra. Tips are extra. Other things are extra (like food). If we can convince Jon T and David W to prepare another outstanding meal then that’ll cost us all a few bucks as well. This is a much better investment than anything else we have going on right now so I encourage you to sign up. I hope that you all can make it again this year. We have reserved space for 32 folks but I can expand to 36 or 40 with no problem but I need to lock this up before Thanksgiving. So here’s the deal, I’ll put up the deposit (due now) if you will be kind enough to let me know if you can attend. Deadline to let me know if you’re in or out is Wednesday 11/26 at noon. I have the tee times now but will expand or contract them and the condo’s based on your response. I’ll get your money after the holidays which is good because no one will be spending anything on gifts this year. I haven’t updated my distribution list from last year so please pass this along to Robert, Kevin, Sean and any of the other members of the DAA that are not included on the list. Once you’ve played golf with us once you are a lifelong member of the DAA which is pretty big stuff. The friendships, the stories (who can forget The Burning Bush), the gaffes (can you say Mallory) and the drama (do you remember Ruth’s Chris). Brings a tear to my eye and kind of gives you a chill don’t it? It’s all good. We are sad to know and report that a couple of folks won’t be with us this year. We’ll miss Howie D, Mike White and Pat Snee who all passed away this year in a tragic circus accident. No, they’re fine but we’re holding out hope that things will change and maybe you guys can make it. Let’s put the pressure on Konrad to come back and hopefully Sid will be in top shape to come back and challenge for the pink compete for the top prize money. Here’s the current list of folks that have committed or are close to committing for this year’s trip: Mike K Brian M Scott S Sid S Tony P Jeff S Chris O Robert S Sean D Tony Mo Dan M Mike K Jonathan K David W Rob H Jim M Bob G Ron R Frank W Mike S Bill M Konrad T Bryan P Kevin C Guy N Currently we have 25 as we’ve lost a few this year to more exciting trips and the economy. So if you know of a couple guys that might want to go please ask if they are interested and then let me know. Please send me your checks for $530 before March 10th Thanks, we’ll be sending more soon. If questions, contact me, Bob

► 2010: Close to home again (#8)

We stuck close to home again this year, but did stay overnight in Williamsburg, VA.
The Green and Gold Course of Colonial Williamsburg provided plenty of challenges.
We were a little disappointed in the cart "girl", however.

Driving through Colonial Williamsburg in our car2010

Link to Main Scoring Sheet

► 2011: Back to Myrtle (#9)

[[The Legends Course|The Venue for 2011 - Legends, Myrtle Beach]]

Click here for the complete tournament spreadsheet

We felt a little rushed in the morning, then we waited for ever at the turn.

Course management was a little lacking.

We liked the restaurant/bar and the included breakfast, lunch, and beers.

The waitresses were rather cute.


Jon Tavernaris made one of his famous meals

► 2012: Pinehurst reprise (#10)

At the Talamore in Pinehurst, we had a great experience, but virtually no cell phone reception. We had our first ever rained-out session - day #4, so finagled the money and took off early and got some rain checks for the next year.

This was the debut of the younger Mitchell, who finally turned 21; but in his first outing got to be one of the Captain's Choice captains.


► 2013: Pinehurst reprise II (rain date) (#11)


► 2014: Return to Myrtle, Barefoot I (#12)

The Steinour pink sock perfect storm (link).

6 sets of fathers/sons [photos]

► 2015: Barefoot II (#13)

Someone forgot the Pink Jacket, so we found a substitute pink hoodie for Mark Thorburn to wear. Now it has gone missing - anyone seen it?


Michael Mitchell's record breaking low net of 57. 

Tony Montz finally wins the Pink Jacket

New Championship concept - top 4 after first 3 days compete straight up on day 4 with guarantee of no lower than 4th place, but no exemption from pink. Everyone else competes for daily low net. Interestingly, Tony Montz came in 4th but won the Pink Jacket, Ken Miranda came in 3rd, but won the Pink Hat. 


Additional ideas

Jim Mallory throwing his club in the pond during warm-up; sideways rain during lunch time in 2007 when we all got soaked – cost me a phone….; Jon and Dave’s Dinner in 2008

If you think of some other great memories or can remember where or when some of these events happened, go to the suggestions page and let us know

Highlight__________________YearVenue_______Mallory throws club in lake during warm-up2007Little River, Pinehurst?Mitchell wins Pink Jacket again!2009
Expert golfer Dan Montz wins the pink jacket!2010
Scott Steinour wins the 1st annual Sandbag Award2010

"Breaking in" Ruth's Chris, Myrtle Beach2008
Driving around Myrtle Beach for 45 minutes looking for our hotel, then the next morning for our course?
Bob's hole-in-one

Bob dumping Jeff Segal from the cart with a sharp right turn

Scott Steinour's eagle




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