The DAA Story

The story starts in Columbus OH, Pittsburgh PA, Vineland NJ, Easton PA and Exit 12 off the turnpike in NJ. Yes, you’re right, we’re all damn yankees with way, way too many Christmas lights.

By hook or by crook, we migrated south, came together on Dawnridge Court and started playing a little poker, a little golf, a little ping pong and a little Dictionary game (we’re not just a bunch of jocks). It all revolves around competition, our fierce individual will to win and intense desire to beat each other’s brains in. Err, I mean we all get along great and enjoy each other’s company. During these battles, the core vision and values of the Dawnridge Athletic Association was born. While time and space are too limited to list all the values we embrace, one resounding refrain always comes to mind when thinking about the DAA. It talks to the core concept of family, friendship and being “in the zone” when things are going your way. It’s an old Irish phrase, “DA YA WANNA FEEL ME TITTIES”, and to us, that pretty much says it all.

Joining the DAA couldn’t be easier. If you are reading this, then YOU are a member of the DAA (we don’t care where you are, where you live, we don’t care about too much really). Welcome, you must be a hell of a guy and we’re glad to know you. We look forward to seeing you at the next DAA sanctioned event.

The Pink Jacket

By long-standing tradition (since 2004), the golfer with the highest net score on any tournament day is awarded the Pink Jacket. Here are some of the guidelines surrounding this tradition.

The Jacket ceremony should involve all of the players immediately following the round. The previous winner should remove the Jacket and help the new winner to put it on.


The Jacket is to be worn to all evening festivities and in the morning to the first tee. The player must tee off (from the ladies tees) in the Jacket, using the new pink club, and then should remove it for the remainder of the round. The same rules apply to the Pink Hat which was introduced in 2005. Pink Hat Winners should sign the hat.

The winner of the Pink Balls, introduced in 2006, must use them to play the first 3 holes of the next official round, from the ladies tees. These were retired in 2014.


These Pink Rules carry over to the next DAA sanctioned tournament event if awarded on the last day of a tournament.


Since 2005, it has been decided by the rules committee that no one can be awarded the Pink Jacket (or any Pink Award) more than once during a tournament.

Pink Awards are as follows: Jacket – high net; Socks -- second highest net; Hat – third highest net;  the socks, used only in 2007 + 2008, were been retired, only to be restored in 2014 when we figured out how to purchase 4 pairs of white sox and dye them pink, eliminating the health hazard of one pair of pinks socks that remained unwashed for 4 hot days.

In case of a tie, the Pink Award is goes to the player with the lower handicap.

A player not eligible for a Pink Award because of repetition or a tie shall become eligible for the next award, unless he has received that award already in the tournament.


The Dawnridge Actual Handicap System (DAHS) is a unique and propietary calculation of the golfer's handicap that is based on how he actually plays at official DAA sponsored events.

Whereas a standard handicap calculation uses a sampling of recent scores, the DAHS system uses all of the tournament scores, since there are fewer of them.

We start with the player's declared handicap, and proceed through a series of complicated negotiations, arbitrations, pleadings, and bribes, to arrive at the player's initial handicap.

The DAHS system, then adjusts the players' handicaps after each day's play for the next day. The previous year's handicap is used to start the following year.

There is a maximum 20% up or down that a handicap can change on any given day. There generally is a larger swing on the first day, than on subsequent days of a 4-day tournament, so one should aim to play very badly on the first day and progressively better the next 3 days.

Here is the official USGA formula for a handicap differential:

Handicap Differential = (Adjusted Gross Score – USGA Course Rating) x 113 / USGA Slope Rating Click here for a link to a site that explains it in more detail.

Anyway, starting with this formula, and applying some hocus pocus, we arrive at the DAHS formula below:


Since this is a computerized system, the DAHS handicap is the player's official handicap for the day. There are no changes or appeals allowed, although exceptions might be made for bribes that include some very good red wine.

Handicap versus Index Link

What is Course Handicap?

A Course Handicap is the number of handicap strokes you would receive from a particular set of tees at the course being played.

The formula for converting a Handicap Index to a Course Handicap is: Course Handicap=Handicap Index x Slope Rating/113 (rounded to the nearest whole number)

Example: A male golfer with a Handicap Index of 16.2 will have a Course Handicap of 20 at a course with a Slope Rating of 140.


Our highly respected president leads us through thick an thin. He's never failed to come up with a great plan for our entertainment dollar. Known to give a rousing motivational speech and a stickler for rules, he keeps the DAA humming like a well-oiled watch

Executive Committee

The handsome and venerable group shown below is part of the executive committee that makes all of the important decisions like what is for dinner. 


There are other members of the committee, but they didn't make it into the photo. Basically anyone who makes it to the sports bar on Tuesday night.... 


The committee is aways open to suggestions, as long as they are typed in triplicate in the appropriate format and accompanied by a nice bottle of red wine.

The Players

Mike S- part of the Quad Cities gang, by way of Illinois State (yes he’s a Saluki) , – -Lives in the Queensmill area (Cross Creek), with a vacation spot on Smith Island Lake where he keeps the boat.

Dan M- another midwest Mississipi river member of the Dawnridge Golf Association (once you’re in, you’re a "lifer"), Mike S’s brother in-law, 2nd year– -on tour, won so much money last year couldn’t pass up another trip.- Howie Devrieze- Dan’s buddy from the Quad Cities region, heard the pickings were so good out here that he didn’t want to miss it. Welcome!

Tony Mo- completes the group, Dan’s son living here in Richmond, recently starting off his career in sales (a noble profession)—but heard the money was easier to make on this trip, another first timer on tour.

Rob H- hailing from Baldymor (Baltimore), Rob is a veteran on tour and knows the ropes better than most. Rob lives over in Bexley and for fun, manages multiple R & D facilities for a company tied into the printing industry.

Pat S- a founding & life member of the Dawnridge Athletic Association, Dawnridge Men’s Golf Association and D.O.P.E. (Dawnridge Original– -Poker Evenings) * Dawnrige Investment Club. Pat can do it all, he’s the total package, he’s cagey, he’s smart and he can – -hit his new G2 driver a long, long way.

Bryan P- from up the road in Fredericksburg, this is Bryan’s 2nd year on tour as well. Bryan works for Ben Moore (as does Pat)– -travelling the countryside.

Jeff S- hailing from close to NYC, Jeff’s another damn yankee, which is something I like that about Jeff. Jeff’s a second timer on tour – -and seasoned D.O.P.E. member.

Mike K- great friends for 35 years, representing the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, Mike has been on every Dawnridge Tour event and now– -with both kids in college (Delaware and Drexel) Mike really, really needs to win some $ this trip (like he did on the last trip and the one – -before that and the one before that…..)

Scott S- life and founding member DAA, DMGA , DIC and D.O.P.E., Eagles fan who plays a little tennis too. Great family here on– -Dawnridge Court and the idea man behind the coveted Pink Jacket, Pink Hat and Pink Golf Balls (it’s now a tradition).

Sid S- without Sid, we’d have no Scott. Sid has been on tour for each of the (4) official events travelling up from Florida each year to take his son’s– -and his son’s friends’ money. We all (some of us) thank Sid for donating the Pink Jacket to the DMGA.

Konrad T- Scott’s father-in-law making the trek down from Wassau Wisconsin, on tour for all four events, was a little shaky with scheduling– -for this year’s event but the lure of "easy money" was overwhelming. He and wife Mary claim that they are retiring this year, congratulations.

Brian M- another life and founding member of all those acronyms listed above, Dr. Mitchell once again will be keeping score of–this year’s event. So, if you’re inclined to try a bribe on Brian, he likes expensive red wine (don’t we all).

Jon T- the heart and soul of the Dawnridge gang, now hailing from Staunton, VA. Frequent D.O.P.E. winner, daughter is heading off– -to Virginia Tech in the Fall, both sons are tearing it up on the soccer fields of Staunton.

David W- a Dawnridge Court original and first timer on tour, David "Doc" is licking his chops and ready to play some golf. David and Holly– -have 2 sons (Alex and Adam) and are from the preferred side of the street (North Siders!)

Jay C- was on the original scouting party trip to Pinehurst 4 years ago, Jay knows where it’s at in Pinehurst. – -Jay can also tell you a thing or two about Virginia Tech and local high school wrestling (son Michael is a wrastler).

Mike W- a frequenter of some good D.O.P.E. sessions, Mike’s a friend of over 20 years, first timer on tour. Mike, Lynn and family – -reside in Salisbury when not found- -down at their retreat at Buggs Island. Two daughters in college (NC State & VA Tech) and son Robbie plays football for Midlothian.

Bill M- our first Canadian on tour, Bill hails from Quebec Province and has been know to curse in French.

Bill’s a former Walton Parker,– -now calling The Grove home for his wife and 2 children (son at VA Tech, daughter at Midlothian).-

Jim M - a good Walton Park guy, been on tour with Jim before in Nags Head (Cold, Wet and Windy..but we had fun). Jim’s a local banker who’s looking for a good return on his golfing investment. Jim, Carolyn and their (3) boys enjoy the good life in Midlothian.


Tom M- Plays with a 30 plus handicap but thinks he’s on tour. Has been known to miscalculate scores on balls in water, lost balls,and the definition of double bogey. Uses “ground under repair” as his greatest asset. Says he’s color blind and that every stake looks red to him. Has been known to carry a spray can so be careful of drop spots. His signature hole is number 19 where he’s known to take few mulligans. Hails from Maryland. Heralded for his play with the Eagles and Rams. Last to play without a face guard and it shows.


Bob G- as a 10 handicapper currently playing like a 20, I’m hoping to get lucky playing some poker on the trip. Looking forward to seeing–everyone soon.

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