Ginormous. No Last Man Standing, and 4-man best 2-balls are back.

Daily Net for each day is paying 4 places for the low net individual score each day at $80  60  40  20.

Experimental new game this year is "Mr. Consistency." There will be 3 flights, determined by your initial handicap. In flight 3 (highest handicaps) the man with the fewest snowmen will get $30. In flight 2, the man with the fewest 7's and 8's will get $30. If flight 1 (lowest handicaps) the man with the fewest double bogies or worse will get $30.

The Championship (only one place) will pay the residual that is not paid to the chip in and dueces pool. If there are 18 (never happened) chip-ins and deuces there will be no payout but applause. If there are only 3 (never happened) the Championship will pay #300!

Dueces and chip-ins will be paid from the same pot at $20 a pop. This minimizes the math and money counting for the elderly organizers.

Even though we may be playing match play also (day 4, LMS) play out the hole. Even on a par 3, if you pick it up, it's an 8.


If someone scores an 8, mark the score card 8 if a natural and 8+ if a pick-up (nine or greater). A natural 8 can win the hole if everyone else chokes as well, but a pick-up cannot - at best there will be a push. [Example: player A with two dots hits into the water 3 times and picks up off the green; for stroke play his score is an 8, net 6. Player B with one dot has a bad hole and scores a natural 8, net 7. This rule only applies currently to Last Man Standing on day 4.

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